Aimee Enterprise is working with MNCs, SME’s and fastest growing start-ups as their end-to-end solution partners for custom-tailored software, web and mobile apps.

The proof of our work is in our client base, our numbers, our willing and able partners. We are regarded as the growth partner for the brands of tomorrow because we have helped build so many of today’s famous innovators. Read the testimonials and imagine where our drive for growing great companies can take yours.

You know your customers are the source of real growth. But what do they really care about? How do you reach them? What happens when you put them first? We combine in-depth insights with practical expertise in operations and economics to help you build a customer-focused—and growth-oriented—organization.

A consistent trait of businesses (whether public, private, not-for-profit or charities) which have enjoyed long-term success, is the presence of a clearly defined sales and marketing strategy, delivered by an effectively implemented and integrated sales and marketing plan.

What’s more, there’s a clear correlation between the long-term profitability of a business and the loyalty of its’ customer base.  In short, successful and profitable businesses have a clearly defined and loyal customer base with a sales and marketing organization designed to build long-term sustainable business relationships.

Strategic Marketing Services

Your Strategic Marketing Plan is the foundation from which your successful sales and marketing plan and organization is developed.

At Merranti, we work with you to review and, where appropriate, refine or develop your Strategic Plan.  Being clear on your value propositions is the start from which we build a clear perspective on the right customers for your business to target and the potential of the market open to you.  We then work in partnership with your leadership team to build a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy for your business covering the following areas as appropriate to your requirements:-

  • Market & Customer Insight
  • Sales & Marketing Tools & Processes
  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • Vision & Leadership
  • Staff Recruitment & Induction
  • Training & Development

Strategy into Action

Of course, even the best-developed strategy is nothing without an effective implementation plan.

We work with your leadership team to develop a clear customer acquisition strategy, profiling the key market sectors that will drive the growth of your business.  This market profiling exercise then gives the scope to devise the appropriate organisational structure to deliver your business growth objectives.

Unlike other consultancies, our engagement doesn’t end here.  To ensure effective implementation, we can support your sales and marketing teams in defining and strengthening their processes and systems to ensure regular progress reviews, keeping you in control of your plan, improve forecasting,  eliminating waste and improving conversion ratios.

Our processes also help minimize financial and operational risk when negotiating and accepting contracts or on-boarding new customers.